27 April 2012


Bab Pau Bab
1. Side A. Bab Pau Bab (Zombi Theme / Gambler Casino / 
Zombi Walk / Forest Walk / Song For Sad Zombi 1+2)
2. Side B. P.F.K.. (Swamp Vodou / SamuraiSFX / Zombi Legs /
 Thief Hole / Zombi Walk / Round Toe / Hatitiii )

Finally got around to digitizing / uploading some stuff from last year that has been sitting around. "Playing for Keeeps the OST," sounndtrack from my DP from last spring + some unused goodies that never made the final cut.  now available for everyone to enjoy wahoo

edit: bloggers only letting me do really small or really big fonts, whats up with that.  sorry, squint your eyes.  GET IT 2GETHER GOOGLE

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