03 June 2013

Moving my new posts over to this blog : sakesaloon.tumblr.com
Trying to maintain an update every 2-3 days, keep in touch
( ° ͜ʖ °)

04 September 2012

The Amato Years

O', ghosts of glorious summers past

26 August 2012

Dylan's 3D World Vol. 01

3D real life virt-u-al re-al-ity

20 August 2012

Summer Comcs

Providence summertime window comics

13 August 2012

Polskie Ahoy

Just got back from Animator-Festival in Poland, had a super blast and definitely want to return to Poznań  for a longer period.  Having a funny summer, doing some serious job-searching now but also really inspired from the trip, so trying to capitalize creatively off of that.  Might be in LA in a short while soon, which is not helping money situation, but what can you do ???  I've also finally uploaded a proper looking version of Playing For Keeeps online, because the one CartoonBrew did looks horrible ( :< )   Check it out below and stay  c o o l, I'm working on biking to the beach as much as I can.

24 June 2012

Milt Julep Volume 2

Been sitting on this one for a while now, but finally have some free time to upload stuff.  Still doing these from back when my car, rest its pearly metal-soul in peace, only had a tape deck and desperately needed music.  If anyone still gets down groovin' with physical media, let me know and I might have an extra copy or two I could pass your way (ideal for outside summer sipping).  Skipped a summer somewhere in there too, so this one is extra long, full of tunes to boost your glow or drown your sorrow.  Managed to fill all 90 min of tape, enough to finish the bottle to.  In other words, its summer ~ Salud!


(And in case you missed Vol.1)

28 April 2012

"Fan Art"

Wrapping up on this episode of Odin's Afterbirth, vikings in my head all the time.  keep an eye out for it== does it count as fan art if it's something I'm already working on? ?

27 April 2012

Go Home / Stay Home

Go Home / Stay Home c30
1. Go Home
2. Stay Home

Repetitive dirty bassy electronic bit from last winter.  If you listen to this on your baby laptop it probably wont sound like anything. Pardon the conversion quality on all of these eek. 


Bab Pau Bab
1. Side A. Bab Pau Bab (Zombi Theme / Gambler Casino / 
Zombi Walk / Forest Walk / Song For Sad Zombi 1+2)
2. Side B. P.F.K.. (Swamp Vodou / SamuraiSFX / Zombi Legs /
 Thief Hole / Zombi Walk / Round Toe / Hatitiii )

Finally got around to digitizing / uploading some stuff from last year that has been sitting around. "Playing for Keeeps the OST," sounndtrack from my DP from last spring + some unused goodies that never made the final cut.  now available for everyone to enjoy wahoo

edit: bloggers only letting me do really small or really big fonts, whats up with that.  sorry, squint your eyes.  GET IT 2GETHER GOOGLE

11 April 2012