14 December 2011


Hey so here are all those videos from when i disappeared in November. My current disappearance is due to a brief break ("summer vacation") from my hard life back in providence (just kidding). a vacation from my vacation. Anyways, Animation Breakdown was a super awesome event -- i'd always wondered where the animation-love was in LA, a city exploding with animation talent, and Animation Breakdown has filled that large void in the western-half of my heart.

As i mentioned, long trip home in LA (or windy altadena, as it is). I have eaten lots but there still remains lots to be eatens. also, no good shows for the entire month?? can anyone perhaps enlighten me about something? still need to get my ticket back but with the new year comes a brief new york expedition, then back to providence with an empty wallet to get my thinking cap on. TO THE FUTURE!

Also, gonna get a good (HD! Technology!) copy of Playing For Keeeps up here soon as well, so keep your eyes 2 the skies (?)

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