29 August 2011

Playing For Keeeps on CBTV

My degree project Playing For Keeeps is now available to watch online, thanks to Cartoon Brew's Student Animation Festival. So check it out! Watch it! Tell me your thoughts! Tell me your dreams! Funny how old this already feels to me, I guess it's time to really get grindin on the next project. And thanks to everyone who helped me get through this past year, things got kind of crazy for a while, right? Especially all you RISD FAV'11 kids, luv y'all, keep the spirit goin . You can view the full entry over at Cartoon Brew, and don't hesitate to leave comments!

Next stop: The south!


  1. Love it --- things were a little crazy. RISD FAV'11 foreverr - keep it up.

  2. 'Playing for Keeeps' was born to be a classic.
    Now go and save the World.

  3. Really nice work! Unusual. I like it