07 August 2011

!! P.F.K.. Tape !!

Finally got around to collecting all the unused and extended bits and gems from Playing For Keeeps to put together into a 30 minute tape. Coincidentally, I made 30 of them. Right now they only exist in cassette form but I'll have a digital release out soon enough so all y'all can enjoy or whatever it is you're supposed do with music. Find them here, or find me in real life and I'll try to pass one your way.

As for other notes, looking for a scanner so I can start posting things again. Next screening for PFK will be at Dragoncon, and I'll be there, so heads up to all you atlanta/fantasy dwellers. Getting pretty excited for that, minus terrifying hotel prices. Anyone have a couch I can sleep on? Should be lots of good stuff, haven't been to Atlanta since my glorious high school robotics days. We lived like kings..

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