18 May 2011

FAV Senior Show 2011

It's time! My degree project will be screening this week on Wednesday and Friday at the FAV Senior Show. If you're in the area you should come see it! If you aren't in the area you should still come, we have lots of beds + couches to sleep on! The show has two parts, each which is screened twice (so Wed/Fri are the same show and Thurs/Sat are the same show). I definitely recommend seeing both days, it's the only time you'll be able to see what everyone in FAV has been working on all year, and there's some really exciting work. Show is $3 with RISD ID, but if anyone needs passes they're giving us ten to hand out (do I even have ten friends?), so gimme a hollar. I could go on raving about how great this show is going to be, but you should just come n do it, have some fun. Finally, we'll be wrapping it all up with FAV end of school / end of the world party on saturday, so do that too. WOahh! See u all ther ~

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