26 September 2010

Days 2-3-4-5

Heyo folks and buddies. Fall semester has kicked off, and i should have fun things to be sharing, including remnants from the summer and hopefully future affairs. But that will be later~ as for now, we received a fancy stack of 14 secret envelopes, and for the next two weeks (or around one and a half now) we have to open an envelope a day and create a short piece about the contained prompt. we have until 6am the next day to upload them to a class blog (lol blogs), which means i should have new content daily for a little while, the opposite of my current blogging habits.

We're coming on day six now, and I've been meaning to put them up as a finish them, but my interest in doing that declines as the amount of sleep i get disappears. I will try to be better, but for now, here are days 2-5. Day 1 is mia because we did it with groups in class. hOpe skools going good for everyone else budz, i am having fun being a bum and working and eating luvely foods. Hey, look at how many words are in this post, crazy huh

Day 05: Quiet and Loud

Day 04:

Day 03: That House on the Corner

Day 02: Blue

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