22 August 2010

Another Mixd

A mixtape made earlier this summer back when my car was in cassette-only mode. Definitely forgot to upload it, but there are still a few weeks of summer enjoyment left to soak it up. Side A and Side B are below (right click/save-as to download), but when i made the change from tape to CD i found out that my cars stereo does't save track positions, so there's also a broken down version in the .zip so you can skip around trax and skip the shitty parts, which is what i always want to do with long mixtapes anyways. I havent upped music in a long time, ill try to be better about that. Make urself a nice mixed drink and enjoy some mixed tunes to lay around in the shade to while you do absolutely nothing, itll be just like youre living in padadena. Also good driving long distances by moonlight.



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